Our Difference and Benefits

A Marketing Coaching vs. Marketing Agency Approach:

Trudel Marketing Group is not a marketing agency, graphic design firm or web design firm.  As an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Trudel Marketing Group and Noreen Trudel work with business owners as a coach and consultant.  We don’t provide you with a website or brochure package (but we certainly advise you and connect you with the right people), instead we guide you in the process of evaluating your business, your customers, your competition, your goals, and the way you and your staff work.

Then, we work with you to create a marketing system to help you meet your overall business goals.  We’re the first step in marketing that many smaller and often new businesses often skip as they get distracted by the more flashy marketing objects like website design, Facebook pages, tradeshows and expensive ads.

Focus on Strategy Before Tactics:

Most marketing agencies provide tactical marketing support (graphic/web design, SEO, social media, branding) to larger companies that already have a Marketing Director and team in place to create their marketing plan and set up their marketing system.  Many small business owners do not have anyone on staff or they have a part time person or a person wearing many hats including marketing “tactical” point person.  Often times that person is looking for an outside experienced source to create a marketing plan.  Trudel Marketing Group fills an important gap by helping small business owners (without a marketing strategist in place) create a strong foundation (marketing plan + marketing system) on par with their larger competitors.

This Marketing Foundation (marketing plan + marketing system) is the missing piece small business owners have been looking for in their quest to target the right customers, generate consistent leads, and convert these leads into happy customers who will refer them over and over.

Treat Marketing as a System Just like Any Other Business Process

You have systems for accounting, HR, IT and shipping.  Like any effective aspect of your business, marketing is a system too in fact it is your most important business system.  A marketing system is all the planning, strategy, and business processes that need to be in place before any of your marketing tactics will ever work.

It’s the blueprint for faster and more consistent business growth, and attracting the right customers who become raving fans that will refer you again and again. There is no more guesswork – and you gain confidence and clarity to make the right marketing decisions to move your business forward.

Automated Marketing Systems

Face it you’re busy! That’s why our system automates as many marketing systems as possible – designed to create a predictable stream of leads and referrals

Better Lead Conversion

A common mistake is trying to move customers directly from knowing you (seeing an ad) to buying from you. But prospects need to know, like and trust you before they will buy. Our content marketing system will move them along this path, and greatly improve your conversion rate.

Collaborative Consulting Approach

One of our unique differentiators is that we use a collaborative consulting vs. a “go away and do it for you” approach.  We strongly believe that as the business owner, you are a valuable resource – you know your business, and are a wealth of knowledge and insight.  It is our job to tap that insight.  By really getting to know you and working with you over a period of time, we gain a much stronger understanding of your business, and most importantly how you operate.  In the end, this collaboration will create a marketing plan and a system that will truly work for you and the way you do business.   It’s a marketing plan that you will actually use, vs. a marketing plan that sits on the shelf gathering dust.  For our collaborative consulting approach to be successful, the business owner has to approach the project as a partnership, be open to new ideas, and willing to share their own insights and experiences.  It also requires a time commitment on the part of the business owner.

Take the Mystery Out of the New Rules of Marketing

It wasn’t that long ago that every business realized they needed a website to succeed. And now today, you need more than a website – you need a total online presence. With online technology changing at the speed of light and a new social media site that “will change the face of business” popping up every day, marketing your business is more confusing than ever. We won’t promise you a secret SEO formula that will get you to the top of Google or give you access to the one social media site that will make or break your business (because these just don’t exist) – what we will do is integrate your total online presence into your overall marketing system. Online marketing will no longer be a mystery as you realize that it’s simply about creating a system to educate your customers online and get them to call you when you’re ready to buy. And all those new social media pages are simply new vehicles to amplify your educational content and reach your customers. Most importantly, we help you integrate online marketing into your marketing overall.

At the core of the Duct Tape Marketing is the belief that marketing needs to be a system within your company, just like human resources, accounting, IT, or logistics. Using a systematic, step-by-step approach, Duct Tape Marketing has helped thousands of small businesses to develop affordable, effective marketing strategies, resulting in phenomenal increases in new business sales. The Duct Tape Marketing programs are only available through licensed and trained consultants.